Today, India celebrates its 69th Republic Day. 

And in all these years, there is a lot that has happened, and a lot that we still need to achieve. But in all the significant, and not-so significant events, that India has witnessed over the years, is it possible that we have forgotten the reason of how and why it all began?

In simple words, how many of us even know what the Republic Day stands for, and why is it that even though we gained independence on August 15, 1947, we celebrate Republic Day on January 26?

Inshorts conducted a Youth Awareness Survey to analyze what the Indian youth actually know about the Republic Day and here are some findings:

1. 1 out of every 3 Indian does not know when we first celebrated the Republic Day.

It was in 1950.

2. 13% of the youth of today thinks that the President who attended the first ever Republic Day was either Abdul Kalam, Jawaharlal Nehru or Ramnath Govind.

3. 95% respondents believed that Republic Day is celebrated because the constitution came into  on this day. 4% however, believed it is because Mughals left India that day.

Guess we all should stop giving so much airtime to the Karni Sena and start focusing on gaining awareness of our actual history.