When you think of a monk, am image of someone with a humble, lean appearance comes to mind.


However, this monk from Thailand is here to change your view forever. The photos of his chiseled body are going viral all over Thailand. According to Coconut, the monk himself has shared these pictures to bring awareness to monks’ health and to promote giving them healthier alms.

Facebook/ PiakRider

The identity of the buff Buddhist adorning the South East Asian orange attire is not known. Yet, it is supposed that he wants Thai monks to try and exercise so as to stay healthy and strong. He also wants people giving alms to refrain from giving sweet, fattening, and salty foods as these types of foods make monks sick and lead to several diseases.

In the comment section, people have raised an issue about whether it is alright for longtime monks to indulge in activities like weight-lifting. Some are contemplating that he might have been a weightlifter before he got ordained, as the kind of body he has requires years of training. Others, however, are completely against it and criticizing the monk for being vain.


A Facebook post by Piak Rider, that has been deleted since, tried to put the issue at rest by saying: 

That monk hunk is a weightlifter who was just ordained for a few days, as many Thai men do at some point in their lives.
Facebook/ PiakRider

The post also implied that the pics are from 2011 and the man only donned robes for a short time before leaving the monk-hood to open a restaurant.

Well, the truth behind the pictures might be hazy but the pictures sure are super hot and we are totally not judging Thailand peeps for going gaga over them and sharing them like crazy on social media.