New year, new me and the whole jazz of new year resolutions has been something that we've all indulged in.

And while we all know the truth behind New Year resolutions and how much do we actually stick to them, some people took to Twitter to express their opinions on new year resolutions.

So here are some of the funniest tweets on New Year Resolutions that'll have you laughing your way to 2018!

1. Anyone?

2. It takes real effort!

3. Jo hoga dekha jaega

4. Uh..ah..hi!

5. And I thought this resolution will stick longer!

6. Low expectations!

7. Out of face, out of mind!

8. It is literally just the next day!

9. And the best pun of the year goes to....

10. Beep, Beep, Word, Beep!

11. Ctrl C + Ctrl V!

12. No you're not hungry!

13. Starting it early!

14. No more steering wheels.

15. Cheers!

16. At least this one I can check off!

17. Doggooo....

18. Stop puking on the uber driver!

19. 3 meals are too less for a day!

20. Failing already.

21. Punctuation matters.

22. Savage.

23. They call me the nutty lady.

24. Haq se single ... #Sakhtlaunda

25. FUCK!

26. The therapist said improve on what you're good at!

27. If I believe it enough, it will come true.

28. Hell will freeze before that happens!

29. Spooky is the new sexy?

30. 2018 - the year memes become classy.

31. "Who will give content for Twitter to my hooman if I am not there?"

32. All my kisses are damn sweet.

33. What do you mean the resolution has to last the whole year?

34. Time flies real fast!

35. Or as you say?

36. It was funnier in my head.

37. That is so on fleek!

38. And no SIRI does not count.

39. New Year but the same old shit!

So what are your resolutions for the coming year?