It's hard to catch a solid gig in India. They're few and far between, and the ones that do happen aren't exactly 'all that'. There are some truly underrated acts in the country though, who are putting out tunes that'll make you sit up and take notice. Acts like these.

1. Ha Lor

An electro-soul duo made up of Kevin Lywait & Alexandria Syiem from Shillong - their music is intelligent, lush and forward thinking. They don't have too many tracks out, but the ones they do are phenomenal.

2. Karun Ramani

One of my favourite artists to come out of the Indian subcontinent, this Chennai producer weaves together lo-fi hip hop, jazz and funk, with steez to spare. He's got some great musical chops, and a sound fresher than PJs out the dryer.

3. Boombay Djembe Folas

Imagine a drum circle, but with professional musicians instead of a motley crew of randoms at Arambol. These guys, led by percussionist Anand Bhagat, play traditional West African rhythms - the first to do so in the country perhaps - and are a much needed shot in the arm to the varied Indian indie scene. Fela Kuti would be proud.

4. Easy Wanderlings

This collective has a sound wholly meant for the forest, with a focus on acoustic instrumentation, creative harmonies and understated melodies. They're the ambient-folk balm you didn't know you needed.

5. Fat Yellow Moon

Abhishek Chandran, who goes by the moniker Fat Yellow Moon, should be another acoustic accoutrement to your playlist. He's a creative songwriter and he's got a great, unique timbre to his voice.

6. Gumbal

You won't see many space-rock bands in India, and even fewer who can actually pull that sound off with authenticity. Which is why Gumbal was such a pleasant surprise - These boys from the Bay have got it going.

7. Sandunes

Sanaya Ardeshir, also known as Sandunes, is one of the better known musicians on this list, but still criminally underrated by the masses. Her early piano chops evolved into an eclectic electronic sound that's truly the music of the future.

8. Yesterdrive

This Arunachal based 5-piece are a pop-punk juggernaut. Their music is dancey, their sound is polished and they couldn't put out a bad song if they tried.

9. Sid Vashi

It's hard to place Sid Vashi's music into a particular genre - he mixes live instrumentation with electronic music, and the result is a deep, pleasing and laid back sonic experience that'll make you melt into your sofa.

10. Aditi Ramesh

Aditi's music oozes mojo. She's a highly accomplished singer and musician who's making the kind of music this country desperately needs - fresh, funky, and full bodied.

11. Many Roots Ensemble

It's so great to have a band that can legitimately pull off afrobeat and ska music in India. With the reggae culture here steadily rising, we should have a thriving and varied live scene soon.

12. Dossers Urge

This trio from Shillong is a raw, complex and layered powerhouse. Their music incorporates everything from punk to psychedelia, and it's great.

13. Cinema Of Excess

Lush production, soulful vocals and a cool band name - this group's got it all. Now I'm just waiting to hear more.

14. Dot

Aditi Saigal is a singer-songwriter par excellence. Her music is unbelievably well crafted, she's got a great voice, and some pretty slick piano chops as well.

15. Dee En

They're a spacey, mellow, jangly collective with a track called 'Makeout Fuzztape', which makes them cool in my book.

Tunes for the times. Let us know if there are other acts that aren't exactly getting the credit they're due. And always remember to rep the good stuff!