True, we are a multicultural society and are slowly moving towards a mixed culture but India is a country jigsawed into states and union territories that carry their unique and sometimes quirky identity. There are some things that are endemic to our states - things so generic about them that no one can snatch it from them, things that strike us immediately as we think of them. 

In a time where intolerance has reached a new high, and we are accustomed to waking up to news that shatter and divide us, somewhere, we have forgotten that we are, after all, a part of one big fat family! It is time to remind ourselves to celebrate our uniqueness - in a good way. 

These are some fun facts, trivia and unique things about Indian states and union territories:

Don't you just love the variety India offers? From the lush greens of the Himalayas to the beaches of the west coast to the deserts of Thar and the valleys of the East, India never ceases to mesmerize.

Maybe, sometimes, being unique is better than being perfect. What do you think?

Design Credit: Vineet Kumar