From times immemorable, people have feverishly debated if one can end a game in UNO with an action card.

You may have wanted to win the game while making the player next to you suffer from the 'Draw 2' card.

Source: UNO

...or the 'Draw 4' card.

Source: 97.7 QLZ

...or even the 'Colour Change' card.

Source: UNO!

But people have said that you can't.

Tempers have been lost and friendships have ended over this. 

However, after a person posted a video on Twitter showing his friend being brutally slain by the action cards...

...UNO responded. And their words have put the naysayers to rest.

But there's a catch. You can only discard one action card per turn.


And one can even end the game with the Draw 2 or 4 cards.

Time to dig some graves up!