Speed freaks don’t just show up on the roads, they show up in the music world too. Case in point, Nirvana Bista, the 17-year-old guitarist from Nepal with the fastest freakin’ fingers I’ve ever seen (not that I go around looking for fast fingers or anything). The video of him rippin’ on the Flight of the Bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov at a whopping 1600 BPM blew a lot of minds, though he won’t be setting a Guinness record any time soon, due to the category for fastest guitarist being discontinued/frozen. If it was still on though, he totally had a shot. He claims to be the world’s fastest guitar player, but it’s not official. All we know is, he’s fast AF.

His tone might be a little shit, but the guy’s got like… a tiny Flash living in his flying fingers, so you should definitely check this out!