Days after a video of a mother forcibly trying to teach her kid went viral, another video of a school kid being slapped has surfaced the internet. 

The incident took place at St. John Vianney High School in Lucknow where a teacher allegedly slapped a Class-3 student for not responding to his roll call. 

A video posted by ANI shows the teacher mercilessly hitting the 8-year-old kid: 

The child said he could not respond to his roll call because he was engrossed in drawing. 

His face was swollen when he reached home and he seemed unusually dull, the police told PTI. This is when his parents got in touch with his friends who informed them that their son was hit not once or twice, but 40 times by the class teacher.

This was confirmed upon meeting the principal and checking the class’ CCTV footage.

The teacher apologised for her act but has been booked by the police following a complaint by the child’s father. 

This incident makes us ask so many questions about our education system but one thing is for sure. No matter what, hitting a child is never justified.