When the entire world was celebrating the arrival of 2017, Bengaluru women underwent a dreadful experience

In two well-known areas of the city, groups of unruly men publicly molested women, all this in the presence of over 1500 police officials.  

The incident reeked of disgrace, shame and utter disbelief in the system and the society that we live in. 

The night of shame has since gathered outrage from people from all over the country.

While the social media outrage was evident, no such statement came from the film world, until now. 

Earlier today, Akshay Kumar came forward to share his opinion on the incident through a video. 

Known to be vocal with his social and political opinions, Akshay said everything we wanted to hear. Expressing his anger on the sorry state of affairs, he put out this video which every citizen needs to watch:

There is absolutely no way to justify an act of molestation. Listen to him!