A new band founded by A. R Rahman named “NAFS” has released the trippy remake of “Ghanan Ghanan”, the famous song from 2001’s film Lagaan. NAFS means ‘the free will to make your own choice in Urdu and Arabic’.

Interestingly, the original version of the song showcases the villagers celebrating the arrival of the rains. The new version of the song achieves a complete transformation as it creatively experiments with the audio – visuals reverberating with the echo of “Ghanan” with characters representing super human beings echoing in unison.  

With this song Rahman seeks to promote Indian talent internationally through original and creative acts.  Going by how the video has turned out to be, it is sure to generate a lot of curiosity among the viewers. But, will more such mixes be accepted by the Indian audiences? Only time can tell. But for now, we can appreciate the effort of the band – NAFS.