Time and again, we have detested Arnab’s prime time debate sessions and called him a bully. We’ve made nasty remarks about how this man never lets anyone speak and shuts down anyone and everyone with an opinion. Well, basically, we love to hate on this man. 

But you can’t deny that he has his moments when one cannot resist but praise him for his guts. He doesn’t regard anyone’s social status when they’re on his show, and honestly, it’s quite refreshing. 

This is exactly what happened on this episode of the Newhour Debate when Arnab asked retired ACP Shamsher Pathan to hand over his mic and leave the show.

The episode featured a debate on ‘Triple Talaq’ and Arnab got ticked off when Shamsher Pathan made a rather insensitive remark about how men are tolerating women enough at home. He further challenged women to see what happens after they practice triple talaq. 

Watch the video here: 


Source: idlemind 

Credit where it’s due. Gotta respect the man for this.