It’s really tragic to see the quality of life that senior citizens not just in our country, but the world over tolerate. Our societal construct is such that we just can’t or sometimes don’t spend as much time, and provide as much care to our elders as we should. On the other end of the spectrum however, are people who, maybe through exasperation or through hatred, physically assault senior citizens. 

As despicable as that is, a video recently surfaced of a 60-year-old Delhi woman dragging, slapping and hitting her own 85-year-old mother with no trace of remorse.

It occurred in southeast Delhi’s Kalkaji area and was recorded by a neighbour who was herself trying to intervene and stop the attack. The video gained traction and the police soon visited the home. The 85-year-old woman is a widow, and is often visited by her 60-year-old daughter, who attacked her in the video.

“Both women will be counselled and we will ensure that this doesn’t happen again,” additional DCP (southeast) Vijay Kumar told Huffington Post. Watch.