Over the past few days, various incidents of students being ill-treated have come to light. From children being molested to killed, there’s a lot for our authorities to decipher and work on. However, the faults of our education industry aren’t always in reference to the students. 

A lot of times, those responsible for giving the students a better future aren’t entirely responsible themselves! 

In a video that’s going viral on the internet, the education minister for Uttarakhand, Arvind Pandey can be seen insulting a female teacher in front of the entire class. Her fault? She chose to give the correct answer for the minister’s question! 

According to a report in News 18, when the minister entered the class in Dehradun’s Mahila Intercollege school as a surprise visit, the teacher present was taking a class on chemistry. But for some reason, the minister felt it right to ‘grill’ her on mathematics instead! 

He wrote ‘(-) + (-) = what?’ on the board, asking the teacher for the answer. And when the teacher gave the correct answer to the equation, the minister further dragged the conversation, maintaining his rather condescending tone all throughout. 

He next picked up a book from the teacher’s desk and asked her to say the name of the fourth chapter from it. 

And this was followed by a sexist remark from the minister, shaming the teacher in front of her students. 

“Mahila ho, isiliye chhodh ke jaa raha hun.” 

(Translation: I’m forgiving you because you’re a woman!)

Watch the video here:  


It’s nothing but shameful that as the minister for education, Arvind Pandey doesn’t even know how to respect women!