For students, it all starts with a good teacher. But what if the same teacher threatens, assaults or humiliates a child in the name of teaching and education? This happens to be a very common problem in our country.

A private coaching class teacher in Haryana was caught on camera brutally assaulting class 10 and 12 students for not completing their homework and scoring low on tests.

The video was filmed by other students studying in the same tuition centre. After the video went viral on the web, the police lodged an FIR. However, the parents of the concerned student haven’t put forth any formal statement or complaint against the teacher.

When asked, Pradeep Arora admitted that he follows harsh practices to make his students excel in studies. 

Using power and position to punish a student in order to make him disciplined is anything but acceptable. This shocking incident demands some serious action so that it can prove to be an example for other bullying teachers.