Remember Janice Litman from the popular TV show, Friends? She was undoubtedly Chandler Bing’s favourite person on earth (if you know what I mean!), his on-again-off-again irritating girlfriend. Played by Maggie Wheeler, Janice is one of the most memorable characters from the show. Thanks to her annoying and screeching laugh! It is interesting to know that this particular character meant for a single episode was so loved by the audience that the producers decided to star her in 20 more episodes. And we’re not complaining at all.



The laugh happened organically in the first rehearsal because I needed to find a way to laugh because Matthew Perry is so funny. And working with him, I knew right away. I thought, ‘This guy’s going to make me laugh on set. I gotta be prepared, what am I going to do?’ So I created Janice’s laugh as a safety measure for when Matthew made me laugh.

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