Kay Kay Menon’s credibility as an actor cannot be questioned. And he has done some great work in films like Black Friday, Gulaal and Haider to back his understanding of cinema. So, when he makes a point, it makes complete sense. 

In this interview, he goes on to talk about the difference between the art of movie making and plain marketing, and compares it to a regular product like a refrigerator to drive home the message. It’s quite an interesting analogy through which he tries to differentiate between cinema and marketing exercises. And just when you thought he’d rest his argument at that, Kay Kay takes it a notch ahead by challenging Bollywood to find one more Irrfan Khan or Naseeruddin Shah in the population of a billion!

Watch the intense conversation from 1:47-5:16 here:

Source: BollywoodHungama.com

Well said, Kay Kay!