No matter how brave one might be, one is always scared of snakes.

And cockroaches. 

And spiders. Damn, spiders are scary.

But coming back to snakes. Those slimy, slithery creatures can send shivers down anybody’s spine.



Most of us will change our path/city/country if encountered by a snake. 

MOST of us. Not all of us.

Because there are people in this world who solemnly believe in YOLO and hence, try to take as many risks as they can within the shortest time span possible.

Just like this braveheart right here who decided to put his leg to good use by catching a python with it. (Although the video says anaconda, the narrator says python. Anyway, it doesn’t matter ’cause that’s a FUCKIN’ huge snake!)

A python.

With his leg.

Let that information sink in.

Big Grizzly

In the video, the man is seen putting some lotion and a piece of cloth on his leg.

Big Grizzly

He then comfortably sits inside a hole as a live bait.

Big Girzzly

Soon enough, he feels a tingling sensation on his leg and motions his friends to pull him out who soon realize that the snake has already reached his thigh!

Big Grizzly

And you’re left feeling like this.


Check out the video if you dare, right here.