The British and their love for tea is famous. So much so that one British daredevil has created Guinness history by bungee jumping from a mad height to dunk his biscuit in a good old cuppa. 

24-year-old Simon Berry from Sheffield in the UK has his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest bungee jumping tea dunk. It was evidently time for high tea when Berry dived from a platform 240 ft 10 inches away from the ground to dunk his biscuit into a cup of tea below. 

He performed this feat by clutching a chocolate Hobnob with one hand and clutching his wrist with the other to dive like superman wielding a biscuit with focus and accuracy. 

An elated Berry told Irishtimes,

Watch the astonishing feat here:

No news yet of how the biscuit fared.