India vs Pakistan has always been a heated rivalry. 

Celebrations and taunts go hand-in-hand whenever it comes to these opponents across the border. But that is how it has always been. Taunt for a taunt, troll for a troll. It’s a rivalry worth relishing and mostly healthy. 

From a pure cricketing point of view, there’s hardly any room for anyone to take offence. You have to take it in your stride if you are on the losing side. You won’t be spared and that’s how it works. But not everyone is party to that silent mutual agreement. 

Just like Rashid Latif, Pakistan’s former wicket keeper. You may or may not remember him.


After India annihilated Pakistan in the first Champions Trophy game, Virender Sehwag took to Twitter, as usual, to congratulate the Indian team.

This did not sit too well with the former Pakistan keeper and that prompted him to upload a 15-minute video rant, criticising Sehwag. Claiming that his tweet was disrespectful and more. A lot more.  

Sehwag’s response to that was much more dignified and simple.

While Viru simply brushed the issue aside, Manoj Tiwary was quite upset with Latif’s message to the Sultan of Multan. He was upset by the fact that Latif had actually insulted an Indian cricketing legend.

It’s understandable because men like Viru are players that people look up to in India. Especially someone who represents the country in the same sport. And Tiwary was not shy by a long margin in making his thoughts clear while defending Viru and blasting Latif.

It’s best that you hear it from him. Here’s what he posted:

There’s still a chance that India may face Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final if everything falls in place. 

Maybe one more victory will prove who is more dominant. As for now, tempers flare high. 

But when it comes to India vs Pakistan, when do they not?