Traveling in a Mumbai local is a humongous task in itself. But finally, Mumbaikars have some great news headed their way: Mumbai is about to get its shiny brand new air conditioned local for the very first time.


The AC train that may soon make Mumbai its haunt was, in fact, allotted to the Central Railways but later it turned out that it wasn’t able to pass under low height bridges due to its height. Now, the obvious question that may come to your mind is that why in the world the train’s dimensions weren’t standardized for different zones? But, sir, when do logic and foresight involved in such decisions? Anyway, this anomaly has worked out in favor of the Mumbaikars, so who’s complaining?


This train had been cooped up in a shed in Mumbai for quite a while now but now it can be found running early morning trials. The railway folks are hopeful that it will be carrying people around from September 2017 onwards. According to reports, the fares may be similar to Delhi metro fares, but nothing has been finalised or made official yet. 

It has been running trials in Mumbai and obviously has Mumbai excited. 

Reddit users have shown quite an interest in discussing this event and believe that this train will certainly make the lives of commuters easier. However, they have also highlighted a few changes that Mumbaikars will need to adapt to enjoy this addition to the city. Here’s what they have to say:

Can’t wait for September, Mumbai?