Former diplomat and member of Parliament, Shashi Tharoor has time and again been the voice for the new-age Indian. 

He’s also extensively spoken about the reparation/apology owed by the British for colonising India, and now during the launch of his book Inglorious Empire, Tharoor visited a bunch of US universities.

And during a Q&A session, a student (from Pakistan) insinuated if India would also be viewed as an ‘inglorious empire’ for occupying Kashmir against the wishes of many resident Kashmiris.

Tharoor was his most eloquent self while answering the question starting with the caveat, that he could spend the whole afternoon if he had to speak about the Kashmir conflict.

Here’s the video:

He went on to explain the futile basis of religion for building a nation, which led to the formation of Pakistan in the first place. 

Bravo, as always, Mr. Tharoor!