A Class 12 student gravely attacked his teacher after he scolded his students for scoring low marks in his exams.

A CCTV camera installed in the classroom recorded the student’s shocking crime.

Hindustan Times Punjab

The incident occurred in Hardayal Public School in the Jhajjar District of Haryana. The video shows the student secretly taking out a weapon from his bag. He then approaches the teacher, who seems to be checking papers and launches a sudden attack.

Despite the teacher’s attempts to save himself, the accused doesn’t let go of him and keeps hitting him with the weapon. 

Hindustan Times Punjab

He keeps attacking the helpless teacher till they come out of the classroom into the corridor. It is only after another man, possibly a school staffer, interferes that the student stops. 

As per an HT report, the student has been arrested along with his classmate, who provided him with the weapon. 

Hindustan Times Punjab

According to Jhajjar Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Himanshu Garg, the teacher Ravinder had scolded the students for securing low marks, and the students were afraid of the parent-teacher meeting, which was due on Saturday. 

While the teacher was immediately rushed to the hospital, he remains in a critical situation due to serious injuries sustained during the attack.

Watch the chilling video here:


What is up with kids these days?