In India, we take our education very seriously. While kids around the world start their formal education at the age of 4-6, in India, we send our kids to school as early as 2. 

Indian parents also take a lot of pride in flaunting their kid’s knowledge. Videos on the internet with little ones reciting poems and religious mantras like a parrot are proof. What we don’t realize is that this approach of rote education isn’t going to take us far. 

Virat Kohli shared a video of a woman, assumably the mother, forcibly teaching her kid as the little one continues to cry, and it’s making us really uncomfortable. 

How ironic is it that a mother who is trying to ‘educate’ her kid knows so little about basic human etiquette herself. 

The video raises an important issue of mugging up and rote learning, which is too common in our country. It’s time we understood that terrorizing our kids in the name of education is wrong and that learning can be made fun too.