All commercial Bollywood movies aside, Indian cinema has actually been one of the pioneers of world cinema. From Dadasaheb Phalke to V. Shantaram and Satyajit Ray to Ritwik Ghatak, India has produced maverick film makers who have had valuable contributions to make in the evolution of this art form. Our filmmakers have influenced people all around the globe with their powerful stories and unique take on humanity. 

So much, so that renowned American filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg have admitted to have been influenced by the likes of Satyajit Ray. There are sessions conducted in film schools around the globe to study our legendary filmmakers. However, if our cinema is that good, why don’t we get home all these international awards?

Well, here’s a video clip by Harvard HIC in which Rahul Bose answering the often-asked question, “Why do Indian movies not make it to the Oscars?”

Point well made, Mr. Bose.