Disclaimer: Graphic video. Viewer discretion advised. 

Maut Ka Kuan. The Wall of Death. 

When the name is so scary, imagine how terrifying the stunts would be. It’s a known fact that the Wall Of Death is one of the most dangerous acts in which the stuntmen ride a motorcycle at a high-speed around a vertical track, performing tricks and stunts. This act is derived from tilted motorcycle tracks in the USA in the 1900s and is performed in circuses and carnivals these days.

Spectators in Gujarat who had come to see the dangerous act had their hearts in their mouths when the stunt went horribly wrong and a woman crashed off from a speeding car. 

The tragic incident took place at the Rajwadhi Carnival in Rajkot. During the stunt, in which a speeding car was moving around a vertical track inside a hollow cylindrical set up made of wood, a woman suddenly fell off. 

She plunged to the bottom and was shaking violently as she suffered a seizure. One more car which was participating in the stunt stopped and the other stuntpeople immediately picked her up and took her to a safe spot. The woman was reportedly rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Although the nature of her injuries isn’t known, a report by the Daily Mail suggests that the unnamed woman has survived the fall.

Here’s the video shot by one of the spectators.


This just shows how ‘Maut Ka Kuan’ is no less than a death trap.