No matter how far we’ve come in life, everything will always connect back to the place where it all started. Our home. Everyone has their own special reason to call it so. The presence of a loving family, a favorite spot to rest, and perhaps, even a family member to confide in when the going gets tough... these are some of the key ingredients of a home. But, there’s also always that one more thing that is unique and sacred just to us. As an individual. That one thing that makes a home, a home for us.

And when we asked people what that one thing in their case, the answers left us spellbound.

I know, right? WOW! Gotta say, those answers really made us think!

And, while you’re the best judge of what transforms YOUR house into a home for you, WE can tell you that only Birla Gold Cement offers the gold standard in cement to help you with the construction of a strong house where you can create years and years worth of cherishable memories.

This video that showcases their ideology proves just that:

Design Credits: Utkarsh Tyagi