So here's what's up guys - I got a chance to attend the OPPO F9 Pro launch and let's be very, very honest, it was one helluva event and for someone who loves gadgets more than pizza (yep, that's me), it was like being lost in Disneyland. 

Given that its style is on point, there's no way it won't attract the likes of a fashion conscious person like me; (5 points for vanity) OPPO F9 Pro sports a super-chic back design with a colourful gradient which looks exactly like the expensive phone cover that your US waale maamu gets you from duty-free

If you're just like me, who forgets his lunch, but never forgets to carry his phone charger, the new OPPO F9 Pro is pretty much my saving grace! Trust me, the 'low battery' icon makes me feel more emotions than any tragedy in life. In a moments notice, I am anxious, annoyed, hyperventilating, nervous and frantically hunting for a spare charger, all at once. To put an end to all our battery woes, OPPO F9 Pro comes with a powerful VOOC flash charger that offers *drumrolls* two hours of talk with only 5 minutes of charge! I think the good folks at OPPO have finally heard my prayers. Hallelujah!

Coming back to the launch, while I was checking out the different F9 Pro models, I totally missed out on this selfie. Oh hey, Rannvijay Singh and Archana Vijaya. Now if these cool people are getting jiggy with the new phone, then who are we, mere mortals, to complain, right?

Source: b'FOMO much? You bet!'

What a marvelous piece of tech guys! Can't wait to get my hands on one of these.