When it comes to movie titles, filmmakers may go for something unique, interesting, and the type that will immediately catch the attention of the audience. Or they might just choose an iconic song and make that the movie title. 

Source: Times Now

We also decided to pick song titles and imagine the movies they would be ideal for, and here are the results: 

1. Movie: Khoon Choos Le

Synopsis: Sometimes the best tales are the 'literal' ones. This is the story of a pad, working tirelessly so that the patriarchal world never gets a glimpse of the one thing women cannot avoid.

2. Movie: Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh

Synopsis: The journey of a man who could only come up with shitty ideas, because he never let those farts out... until one day he did. Watch how genius ideas are born in this revolutionary tale. 

3. Movie: Galti Se Mistake

Synopsis: We never really know how far reaching the effects of patriarchy (and lack of civil sense) can be, until they affect us. Like they did a poor soul who only got 'carried away by the nature of the show'.

4. Movie: Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main

Synopsis: A 'self-discovery' story like no other, where on the path to discovering The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, our hero stumbled upon an 'old monk', and life was never the same again. 

5. Movie: Babaji Ki Booti

Synopsis: He can move like a rocket. He can talk like a politician. Is he a leader? No, he is babaji! Unravel the secret of what makes a baba a business tycoon in this movie. All information has been sourced from 'high'ly reliable material. 

6. Movie: Pehla Nasha

Synopsis: In this movie, we explore one man's journey towards becoming real-life Tony Stark, one intelligent puff at a time.

7. Movie: Aankh Marey

Synopsis: Way before there was the egg, there was a wink that broke the internet. Journey into the shortlived internet history of how a girl and a wink brought down the mighty world wide web. 

8. Movie: Pardesi Jana Nahin

Synopsis: Ek anaar, sau beemar, beech mein aa gai sarkari deewar, ab kaise poora hoga yeh pyaar.  Watch the greatest example of unrequited love come to life in this iconic love story. 

9. Movie: Maa Da Ladla

Synopsis: What can possibly go wrong with a mother's love? Find out in this entertaining journey of a man who sought his mother's help every step he took.

10. Movie: Tera Buzz Mujhe Jeene Na De

Synopsis: There's a buzz in the air, and it's out for blood. This year, fear the buzz you hear. 

11. Movie: Wah Wah Ram Ji

Synopsis: A religious saga for the 'modern' ages, showcasing one man's eternal love for all things Ram. 

12. Movie: Ghar Aaja Pardesi

Synopsis: A man went on a journey across the globe, and while his photos redefined wanderlust goals, people could not help but miss him back home. Because ghar se achha kuch nahin!

13. Movie: Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi

Synopsis: Even when he deserved it, he missed it. This is a 'biopic' on one man's struggle to find the all elusive golden lady. 

14. Movie: Main Aisa Kyun Hun

Synopsis: He will bend the rules of physics and make you wonder at the heights imagination can take. 

15. Movie: Main Toh Raste Se Ja Raha Tha

Synopsis: An adventure thriller where you'll never know who was really 'driving' the story forward. This will shatter your belief system about what makes a 'hero'. 

16. Movie: Pee Lun

Synopsis: This is the iconic story of how a woman s(l)ipped into fame by turning her passion into her calling card. Calling all chai lovers, this is must-watch for you. 

17. Movie: Hor Das Kinniyan Tareefan Chahidi Ae Tennu

Synopsis: Is there an award in town? Chances are he's already won it. One man's unstoppable journey to achieving new heights with every game he plays. 

18. Movie: Ma Ka Phone Aaya

Synopsis: No matter how accomplished you may get, there's no escaping ma ka daant waala pyaar. Because mummy knows best. 

19. Movie: Badal Pe Paon Hai

Synopsis: Meet these real-life wonder women who flew through the glass ceiling and set new heights for women all over. Come, join us in taking a flight to equality. 

20. Movie: Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai

Synopsis: The most epic betrayals are not by enemies but by your friends. Watch how a person makes the most embarrassing social media fail because dost toh hote hi kameeney hain

21. Movie: Kyun Chalti Hai Pawan

Synopsis: Meet the president of illogical statements in this dramatic comedy that begs the question, is 'Global Warming' affecting people's sanity too?

22. Movie: Apna Time Aayega

Synopsis: The much-awaited sequel to the blockbuster Ma Da Laadla, this movie will usher in a new era of movies. 

23. Movie: Kucch Na Kaho, Kucch Bhi Na Kaho

Synopsis: You may think this is the story of three men, but it is actually the story of a world that wishes for one thing and one thing alone - silence from the three 'mess'keteers. 

24. Movie: Ismein Tera Ghata Mera Kuch Nai Jata

Synopsis: The story of a big boss who led the contry to a big loss.

Bollywood, the plotlines and movie titles are here. Where's the movie?

Design credits: Saransh Singh and Shubham Gupta