It's almost the end of the month and it's the same story, I'm running dangerously low on money. And you know what, I'm planning to sell some of my possessions.

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Umm, maybe my cup of coffee? Because I have seen that people will buy really anything. And I mean anything.

1. The pregnancy test kit that Britney Spears used in 2005 was sold in an auction for $5001 (approx ₹3.5 lakhs) .

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The positive test was found in a garbage can in a Los Angeles hotel room that the 34-year-old singer had stayed in with then husband Kevin Federline.

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2.  A fake fingernail worn by Lady Gaga was sold for more than $12,000 (approx ₹8.2 lakhs).

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The nail was recovered by a stage crew member after the pop star's performance.

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3. A Slice of the Queen’s 68-year-old wedding cake fetched $1000 (approx ₹68,000) at an auction.

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Amazingly, the fruit cake is still edible, thanks to its alcohol content.

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4. Justin Timberlake's half-eaten French toast was sold to an N'Sync fan for over $3000 (approx ₹2 lakhs).

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The bread in question was left behind by Justin when he finished a breakfast interview at the studio of New York-area radio station Z-100. Its DJ put the toast on auction.


5. A jar of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's 'exhaled breath' was bought for a cool £340 (approx ₹31,000).

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6. Gentle Barns Animal Rights Foundation bought Justin Bieber's silky smooth locks for $40,600 (approx ₹28 lakhs).

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Bieber presented it to the host on a television show. The proceeds of the auction will go to the animal rescue nonprofit organization.

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7. After blowing her nose on the Tonight Show, Scarlett Johannson sold the tissue off for over $5300 (approx ₹3.5 lakhs).

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Johansson blew her nose twice, leaving some lipstick and mucus behind, before putting it in a bag and signing it. Proceeds from the sale went to hunger charity USA Harvest.

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8. Rob Ford’s crack confession tie was purchased for $1445 (approx ₹99,000).


The ex-Toronto Mayor was wearing this colourful tie when he finally confessed that he had smoked crack.

9. Star Trek Actor William Shatner has sold his kidney stone for $25,000 (approx ₹17 lakhs).

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The money went to Habitat for Humanity, an NGO, which builds houses for the needy.

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 10. A molar that belonged to John Lennon sold for $31,200 (approx ₹21.5 lakhs).

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Ii is believed that John Lennon gave the tooth to his housekeeper Dot Jarlett, to give to her daughter, who was a big Beatles fan.

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11. Britney Spears' chewed bubblegum sold for a massive $14,000 (approx ₹9.5 lakhs).

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Brian Johnson obtained the gum while working backstage at a Toronto concert.

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12. A toilet that belonged to the American author JD Salinger fetched a whopping $1million (approx ₹7 crores).

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The vendor said he obtained the "used toilet commode" from a couple who now own the former home the author.

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13. Musician and singer, Willie Nelson’s trademark braids, sold for $37,000 (approx ₹25 lakhs).

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The braids were cut in the 1980s when Nelson’s hair was still red and were the most talked-about item in USA.

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14. Niall Horan, a member of pop group One Direction, had his half eaten toast almost get sold for $100,000 (approx ₹68 lakhs).

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The only thing that made this slightly less weird is that all the money went to Australian charity YoungCare. So that's good.

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15.  A pair of false teeth worn by Winston Churchill was sold for more than $23,000 (approx ₹16 lakhs).

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The set was put up for sale by the son of the dentist who made them. 


16. Three tablespoons of water from a cup used by Elvis Presley fetched $455 (approx ₹31,000) at an online auction. 

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Reportedly, one of his fans, Wade Jones, stored the cup of water in a deep freezer for eight years, then melted the ice and transferred the water to a glass vial.

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17. Marilyn Monroe’s pill bottles and chest X-rays went for some thousands of dollars.

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In December 2010, two empty prescription bottles belonging to Monroe were auctioned off for $18,750 (approx ₹13 lakhs). In a separate bidding a couple of months earlier, her chest X-rays fetched $45,000 (approx ₹31 lakhs).

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People buy the darndest things!