The body of a 31-feet-long sperm whale washed ashore in Indonesia's Kapota Island on Monday and upon inspection it was found that eating plastic could be a reason for the mammal's death.

WWF Indonesia posted a picture of a dead sperm whale with the breakdown of things that were found in its stomach. 

This translates to:

Hard plastic (19 pieces, 140g), plastic bottles (4 pieces, 150g), plastic bags (25 pieces, 260g), flip-flops (2 pieces, 270g), pieces of string (3.26kg) & plastic cups (115 pieces, 750g). 

Source: BBC

Regarding the matter, a WWF Indonesia official said:

Although we have not been able to deduce the cause of death, the facts that we see are truly awful.
Source: NDTV

Well, they are.

Plastic waste on sea shores is not a new problem; it has persisted for decades. 

Animals have been dying, species are getting endangered. 

Source: Vaaju

But we won't learn a lesson, will we? 

Because lives of animals don't matter. So what if a whale died? That's okay. If a plastic cup costs the life of an animal. So be it. 

Source: Inquisitr

Earlier this year, another whale that had washed ashore, had eaten 80 plastic bags

According to a UN report, marine life is facing 'irreparable damage' as an insane 10m tonnes of plastic waste finds its way in the ocean every year.

Source: BBC

Although it's already too late, we should start taking steps to stop this because there is nothing more unfortunate than an animal dying because a human could not walk till the dustbin to throw a cup of plastic.