Everyone loves their Kit Kat break, hiding and snacking on it or sharing it with friends. Who can deny that it is the best thing ever?

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It has  chocolate, it has wafers and it is perfect. Every bite is magic. 

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But what if we told you, there was something else in there too, apart from your chocolate and wafers? 


What else could possibly be in this little bar of happiness?


Wafers, the crunch gives that away. Smooth chocolate, because it melts in your mouth. But we found something else in there too.


Are you ready to have your mind blown?

Kit Kats are filled with more Kit Kats. Mind blown!

Yes, for real!  In one of these BBC videos, we got to know how many Kit Kats that get damaged during production, are crunched up and made into a paste, and filled inside Kit Kats. This means no Kit Kat goes to waste. 

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If you don't believe us. Check this out for yourself.