What, according to you, makes a woman fall in love?

Simon Sinek, a British/American author and a popular motivational speaker, recently talked about the topic of what makes a woman fall in love. To refresh your memory a little bit, Sinek is the same guy whose eye-opening video on how technology is making things worse for the millennials went viral a couple of months back. 

Fast forward to now, in this recently released video by Goalcast, Sinek makes a remark on anyone trying to woo a woman and goes on to explain what makes a woman fall in love. He starts his speech with, 

"She didn't fall in love with you because you brought her flowers on Valentine's Day."

In this short and precise video, Sinek hits the nail on the head by revealing a beautiful truth that is going to light up your day like no other. 

Watch this video to understand exactly what I am hinting at. 

Consistency! Lovers, are you listening?