In the wake of the Me-Too movement and incidents of sexual assault witnessing a rise across the world, a social researcher asked men and women an important question:

What do you do to avoid being sexually assaulted on a daily basis? And the answer, though hard-hitting, did not come as a surprise. 

In sharp contrast to 34 answers on the women's side, there is just one on the men's side. 

And it is: I don't think about it. 

This is a very apt indicator of the kind of world we live in. 

Women are constantly under fear of being assaulted in some way or the other. 

To the extent that for most of us, the thought of being sexually harassed comes first to the mind and being robbed or killed, later. 

And age doesn't matter, either.

A woman could be 12, 21 or 56; she is always under fear of being assaulted. 

Women shared other things that they do, in the thread, and it is just a sad reminder of what all we do to reach home safe. 

We don't want another generation of young girls not going out of the house after a certain time because they fear being sexually assaulted. 

Things need to change, and soon.