The big season finale of Game of Thrones Season 7 is right around the corner and in all likelihood, the seventh and final episode of the season will blow us away. The trailer for the upcoming episode promises the coming together of some of the most important characters on the show and quite obviously, the audience has some really high expectations from this one.

The episode title, The Dragon and the Wolf, clearly indicates that Jon Snow and Daenerys will be the key characters in this episode. 

Here's everything we are expecting from the season finale this year.

1. Jon & Dany may finally 'get together'

The episode title suggests heavily that it will be around these two primary characters. Their love story has been blooming for quite some time now and this might be the episode where they actually take it to the next level. Fans across the world are waiting for this aunt and nephew to have sex.

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2. Samwell Tarly at Winterfell

We last saw Sam leaving the Citadel with some precious documents and books and since he knows that the old maesters aren't going to be much of a help, he will take matters into his own hands. Gilly mentioned Jon's parentage but Sam wasn't listening to her but as we all know, Bran is everywhere. With these two guys meeting, they might finally discover Jon's parentage.

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3. Bran Stark's knowledge as the Three-Eyed Raven will be key

Bran knows everything but his knowledge has not served the well-being of the Westerosis yet. He clearly knows Littlefinger's games but has not intervened in the Arya-Sansa squabble yet. His meeting with Samwell Tarly and a possible scene with the Night King might set up the plot for next season.

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4. A flashback from Rheagar & Lyanna's wedding

The episode title signals that this will be a key episode for Jon & Dany but this could also mean that the audience will finally see Rhaegar in person. Gilly has already informed the viewers that Jon is actually the legal heir to Rhaegar and not a bastard and going by the title, we might see a flashback from the the time when they eloped.

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5. Jaime Lannister's loyalties might shift

Jaime has come a long way from being the bad guy but Cersei still operates on her whims. With the threat of the army of the undead looming, a commander like Jaime will trust his instincts. But Cersei's intentions of staying glued to the Iron Throne might cause a disagreement between the two.

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6. Euron Greyjoy at the meeting in Dragonpit

We last saw Euron when he fulfilled his promise to Cersei and was honoured with a hero's welcome in King's Landing. His fleet later destroyed the ships of the Unsullied at Casterly Rock but since we have already seen Grey Worm in the trailer, it can be assumed that the Unsullied have left Casterly Rock. Euron's return to King's Landing could be damaging as the man has been shown as a power hungry beast. 

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7. Theon Greyjoy may save his sister from Cersei

Theon was last seen at Dragonstone when he wanted to approach Daenerys to save Yara. Dany had flown to burn the Tarlys by then so we never saw how that went down. Jon Snow let Theon live only because he saved Sansa from Ramsay but the Greyjoy lad is still trying to seek help to save his sister.

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8. End of the Stark quarrel

Littlefinger has been trying to play the sisters against one another ever since Arya came back to Winterfell but this plan looks quite far-fetched to break the bond of the Starks. Whether it ends in Littlefinger's favour or his death, this story will probably end in the season finale.

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9. Clash between Daenerys & Cersei

The two Queens who aim to rule Westeros will come face-to-face in this episode and fireworks can be expected. While Dany now believes in fighting the bigger evil first, Cersei has all the ammunition to attack Dany while her resources are dedicated in saving Westeros from the White Walkers.

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10. Not big on White Walkers

The sixth episode gave us a full blown sequence from beyond the wall that captured the Night King and his army in all their glory. Viserion is now a part of the undead army but we doubt that the creators will carry this on in the last episode. The next season will probably explore that even further.

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