A lot has been said about menstrual health and the need to treat menstrual products as need, and not a luxury. The sad part is, ‘a lot’ is still not enough. The fact that people still don’t have easy access to period products like sanitary pads or tampons (because of their costs) is just plain ignorance. But that’s another debate. There’s also the fact that public spaces hardly have efficient period facilities.

Source: WaterAid

When a Twitter user pointed it out, the internet was left thinking about it, again. A woman shared how she went for a movie at a PVR with her friend, and couldn’t find any sanitary pads or products. They also asked around from staff members, but there was no amenity.

The woman also pointed that vending machines at a place like PVR would also benefit the staff, and not only the customers. And, this is the case for all public places – but there are no measures that have been taken. This shows how menstrual health is neglected in our country, which in-turn reflects how we deprioritize women’s basic needs.

Twitter agrees.

The country needs better systems in place for taking measures (or at least, talking) about menstrual health.