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Remember the time when you wanted to impress that cute baraati with your dancing skills, but the DJ just wouldn’t play that Daler Mehndi song? 

That was plain sad, wasn’t it? Weddings sure make for great memories with all the food, music and grandeur. But with two families and some thousand crore guests involved, it doesn’t go down without its fair share of problems. 

So, brace yourselves coz we might just take you for a trip down memory lane to your bestie’s wedding (Keep tissues handy!)

Here’s a list of 10 first world problems that becomes legit disasters during weddings.

1. When the ghodi wala is charging too much

Picture this. Baraat has reached the wedding venue. Bride’s family has gathered at the gate. The groom is trying to get off the horse’ back. But the ghori wala wants to open a fixed deposit with your life savings!

2. When there’s an open bar, but your parents are watching!

It hurts to have your parents watching you like a hawk when your cousins and friends are emptying bottles… right in front of your eyes! 

3. When you can’t get your hair done because all of the bride’s chaachis have taken over the salon

Life’s so unfair, right? No worries. Livon is here to make all of our hair woes go away and make sure we have salon finish hair at every function! Which means #NoMoreFOMO, as you get to flaunt that perfect hair without missing out on any fun at the wedding.

4. When 3-Star Hotel is too LS for foreign return cousins

Because paise toh ped pe ugg rahe hain na?

5. When relatives discuss who was called to which event

Adult get togethers also need supervision sometimes. Now you know why the aunties were glaring at the bride and groom during the wedding. It wasn’t the cold Gulab Jaamun that bothered them.

6. When someone out dresses the bride

It’s always nice to be excited for someone else’s big day! But don’t be a Komolika about it.

7. When the ex shows up at the wedding!

Wait! Who invited you? Please tell me you’re here for the free food. Ok! Someone needs to keep him away from the bar. 

8. When the pheras are on but the bride has to pee!

Here’s something I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemy. 

9. When your close relative breaks into a Naagin dance in front of the baraatis. 

Or when your drunk uncle sings his favourite ghazal for aunty!! Please ground, open up and swallow me whole!

10. When the candid photographers don’t know your good side

No Instagram worthy picture! Isse accha toh shaadi hoti hi nahi.

Now you know that weddings are full of disasters waiting to happen! And if you’re the bride’s best friend or sister, then you have to be present all the time putting out fires left, right, and centre. Which might not leave you with enough time to get your hair styled at the salon, which is already overcrowded. 

Check this video out to know what happens when your hair plays spoilsport and you reach the party late