Apparently, even though it’s 2021, some people still say that women aren’t as smart as men for corporate work or as strong and fast as men for sports. 

So we thought, why not give y’all some brilliant examples of why women suck at sports. Because seeing is believing. 

1. Because they can’t possibly win a medal in Welterweight. Lovlina Borgohain’s win was a total fluke! 

2. Because women don’t have the physiological strength to participate (or win) in a sport like Weightlifting. 

3. Women can’t run! What gave you the idea that they’re just as capable and strong as men? *Meanwhile Dutee Chand be like*

4. Because the hand and eye coordination needed for a sport like Badminton is a natural gift that only men are born with. 


5. When have you ever seen a woman lift and throw a discus?


6. Because multiple women can’t be successful in a single sport. 


7. Because Boxing is too aggressive for women. And women are too fragile for it. Right?


8. Again, Hockey began with men playing it, so it’s impossible that women can win at the game. 


9. Skateboarding is too cool a sport for girls! Plus, girls can’t handle the skinned knees that come with learning it. 


10. Because surely young girls can’t master a sport as well as young boys?


11. Because women don’t have the physical strength and will to keep pursuing a sport, they can’t handle setbacks like men can. 


Hope these gave you all kinds of proof.