Society for long has dictated the lives of women obsessively. From clothes to the way they carry themselves, society has nitpicked everything about them. But not anymore.

Women are no longer taking anybody’s sh*t and standing up for themselves no matter what the world says. Breaking away from the regressive traditions are these courageous ladies who have made a path of their own.

1. What society wanted women to do: Dress in a way that pleased the male gaze. 

What women did: Dressed in a way they wanted just like these German gymnasts who wore full-body suits at the Olympics to stand against sexualization.


2. What society wanted women to do: Not play games that are apparently too ‘manly’ for them. 

What women did: Played just what they wanted and even excelled at it like Mirabai Chanu who won the first silver medal for India at this Olympics in weightlifting.

3. What society wanted women to do: Not drive because they think women are bad drivers. 

What women did: Traveled to space just like Sirisha Bandla and Wally Funk who became the oldest woman to do so. 

4. What society wanted women to do: Marry a decent man and build her whole life around him. 


What women did: Pursued their dreams just like this woman who fought all odds to become a cop after being abandoned by her husband at the age of 18. 

5. What society wanted women to do: Stay at home and be a sanskaari ladki. 

What women did: Took up an unconventional job just like this girl who became a Zomato delivery person to support the family after her father lost his job. 

6. What society wanted women to do: Do nothing because life’s pretty much done for a woman after 40. 

What women did: Break stigma around ageism just like this 46-year-old woman who loves to skateboard despite what people say. 

7. What society wanted women to do: Have kids before it’s ‘too late.’

What women did: Had kids only when they wanted to, just like Dia Mirza who gave birth to her son at the age of 39. 

8. What society wanted women to do: Not be a boss because they are ‘too bitchy.’

What women did: Worked hard to provide a better workplace enviroment just like Faye D’Souza who believes in building a workplace that respects its employees’ time with family and aims to keep them motivated. 

9. What society wanted women to do: Build their whole lives around their families. 


What women did: Built a rocket instead, just like Sanjal Gavande who was part of the team that built the space rocket for Jeff Bezos’ travel to space. 

10. What society wanted women to do: Sit pretty in a saree. 

What women did: Worked out while wearing a saree just like this fitness enthusiast who proved you can do so much more instead of just ‘sitting pretty.’

11. What society wanted women to do: Not question any age-old traditions. 

What women did: Drove her husband to her in-laws’ house because she can! 

12. What society wanted: Not be good friends with other women.

What women did: Supported other women just like Priyanka Chopra who stood up for her friend Meghan Markle and her accomplishments during an interview.

13. What society wanted women to do: Accept that they are the weaker sex. 

What women did: Defeated everyone in a weight lifting competition. 

14. What society wanted women to do: Either be pretty or smart. 


What women did: Become everything she wanted to, just like this actor, model and lawyer who became the first global ambassador for L’Oréal Paris.

Let me just say this one last time – women can do anything!