Hi. I’m Isha and I’m turning 26 this week. 

As much as I’d like to believe it’s all cool, the truth is that it’s freaking the fuck out of me. I mean, it’s all fun and games when you turn 25, but when you are on the other side of 20s, SHIT GETS REAL. 

Here are 26 thoughts that sum up this not-so-perfect feeling perfectly. 

1. How long do I have until I start getting wrinkles?

2. I can so see my relatives coming at me for shaadi!

3. Who wants to do an arranged marriage?

b’Source: earthyphotography.com’

4. But then again, am I EVER going to find love?

5. Or will I just be one of those crazy cat ladies?

6. Hmmm. Cats are all right. May be I’d be a good cat lady, you know.

b’Source: Huffington Post’

7. *Checking FB* Hey bhagwaan. Nisha is also getting married. Why are all my friends getting married?

8. I really don’t want to be the last person in my group to get married.

9. But then again, do I WANT to get married?

b’Source: FriendsWikia’

10. Ugh. Why’s life so tough. It was so much easier being a kid.

11. Damn, my periods are late. Fuck. Am I pregnant?

12. You need to be getting some to get pregnant, Isha.

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13. Hmmm. May be arranged marriage is not THAT bad.

14. Will I become one of those annoying couples with excessive PDA on Facebook?

15. I’m turning 26 and I haven’t took even 1 solo trip yet. YOLO, Isha. Whatcha doin’ woman?

16. How about a Euro trip?

17. Wow. You’re so unpredictable, Ish.

18. If I start saving now, I can take a foreign trip in a year?

19. OMG. Is that a pimple?

20. Fuck, there’s nothing to eat for dinner. Maybe I should order in?

21. Have you seen your size? Stop eating junk, goddammit!

22. How about trying to cook tonight? Rice is easy to make, right?

23. Umm. How many glasses of water do I put?

24. Damn. Need to call mumma.

25. Wow, Isha. You’re turning 26. Get a grip!

26. Okay. May be I will just order in, one last time. YOLO, right?