Thousands of people have been working from home and let’s admit it, most of them are super stressed and super horny. So, all these people are finding tried and tested methods to feel better during their time of work. 


Australian online retailer Yellow Octopus conducted a study and found out that A LOT of employees are masturbating or sexting while working from home during this time of self-isolation. 

The company surveyed 1,000 people from the USA, Australia, UK and Canada about their behavior during WFH. The main aim of the survey was to find out what secrets are these employees keeping from their bosses. 

Out of these participants, it was found out that 35 per cent of men and 17% of women have been masturbating during work hours and barely a quarter felt guilty about this. These respondents were mostly from the younger lot where 31.3% were between the ages 18 to 24 age bracket. 

About a quarter of those who admitted to masturbating while “working” were aged 35 to 44. The age brackets of 45 to 54 and 55 to 64 accounted for about 21% of them and 8.3% were aged 65 to 74.   

It was also revealed that men were also three times more likely to watch porn at work at 33.9% while women 11.3% admitted they did the same. 

But it didn’t just end at masturbation. About 5.4% of the participants admitted that they had some sex chat with a co-worker over a video conferencing program such as Zoom. Almost 11% of those were aged 18 to 24, while 7% of them were aged between 45 to 54. Just 2.8% of people 65 to 74 said they’d engaged in some kind of video sex. 

Researchers also found out that many people are getting drunk and/or high while working and are doing activities which have nothing to do with their work. 

Finally, in conclusion it was noted that these behaviours might actually allow workers to boost productivity. Masturbation can be linked to tension release, enhanced mood, and boosted concentration. 


So, we’re not saying that this is something you include in your daily life, but if you just make sure that the work is not being hampered.