We love to see women take up more space in the world. Especially, at tables, or in rooms that women are rarely seen in. For instance, Laxmi Jadhav, who has become the first ever woman driver for Mumbai’s BEST Bus. The 42-year-old was also the first woman to receive an autorickshaw permit from Wadala RTO in 2016!


According to an interview, Jadhav says she was interested in driving ever since she was a child. Which is why it makes sense that even while she was juggling multiple driving jobs, Laxmi took out the time to learn how to drive luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes. 


Apparently, Mrs. Jadhav is very intentful about creating a comfortable life for her loved ones and herself. And so she enrolled in Dindoshi depot to learn to drive BEST buses. She ultimately got her license in 2019. *Mentally applauding her!* 

I thought of driving BEST buses as it would provide a stable income and a provident fund.

-Laxmi Jadhav told Times Of India

BEST Bus already has around 90 women conductors. And, Laxmi will be starting her at BEST Bus on the 27th or 28th of May. 

Clearly, Laxmi Jadhav is an extremely audacious individual and is a role model for the women around her. A big, big congratulations to her!