If you're born or live in the big city, hustle bustle becomes your middle name! So many times, at a 90 second red light, after a hard day's work, a lot of us city dwellers look out of our windows and dream the dream of moving to quieter, greener pastures. 

The flow of everyday traffic, the flow of our lives; and our dreams and hopes run along parallel, never meeting. Just think of the things we can do once we let loose and live our own flow day in and day out. 

Maybe pick up a brush and paint. Or write that book that you've always wanted to. Or teach dancing in a tiny school in a town nobody has ever heard of. 

However, reality strikes when that light turns green and life hits you harder than a bag of stones. But some people don't just get on with their city lives after that. Some people actually let loose and flow on, following their passion the way only they can. 

Here are 5 people who left their dreary 9-5 lives and began living their dreams.

1. Sonalee Tomar 

Source: Instagram

A design-entrepreneur turned artist, this lady woke up one day to realise that her work involved getting 25% more teenagers addicted to sugar, year on year. So, she sold her share and moved from Delhi to a sleepy Goan village called Aldona, where she followed her passion by establishing The Indian Curator, which is a platform catered to uplift and nurture creatives.

 2. Soniya Thiyam    

Sonia Thiyam decided to give up on her parents dream - the noblest profession of a doctor. She followed her passion by entering a space where she truly belonged. Wrapped up, unrestricted and free in the world of beauty and fashion, Soniya’s page, Sheer Vanity by Sonia is a visual treat to all things stylish, aesthetic and beautiful.  

Source: Instagram

3. Vineet Nair

A swanky job as an Instructional Designer at a big corporate organisation did not suffice. The heartstrings pulled Vineet towards music and the creative arts  He took the leap to follow his passion and live his flow on his own terms! He is now the co-founder of the country’s first rap battle league and a part of the hip-hop collective SlumGods, and IS widely known by his stage name Poetik Justis.  

Source: Homegrown

4. Gary Lyngdoh Manuel 

Source: Condé Nast Traveller

A job at Barclays Bank and an opulent life in a metropolitan city did not cut it for Gary when he visited the ethereal Andamans. So, he gave up on his city life, shed off his past, letting life guide his flow. He began working at a dive shop before taking up an instructor’s position. Now that's a life I want to live. 

5. Tanya Anand 

Source: Homegrown

Tanya Anand called it quits and moved from Delhi to her hometown of Jammu in search for a quaint life. A designer at a PR agency, she had enough of the traffic jams and client meetings where creativity trickled in slowly for her. After moving to Jammu, she founded Label Paisley Pop, a handmade jewellery boutique which became her passion project. 

These people stand testimony to the Follow-Your-Dreams-Live-Your-Life mantra and we’re all for it.

While we cheer them on for living their flow, we want you to follow your dreams and watch good things flow into your life too. 

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