Finding love in the digital world can be a rollercoaster. One minute we’re raving about our new bae, and the next, we feel like we’re sitting next to a total stranger, drinking lukewarm beer, and wondering why we ever swiped right on them.

So, how can one even imagine manoeuvring our love boat in the choppy waters of modern day dating? Fret not ladies, there’s still hope left. Because we’ve prepared a list of guidelines that you can follow to help you find your special someone in the digital age!

1. Write your bio right.

Your profile doesn’t have to be a work of art. So please keep your bio short and simple. It will make you look genuine and mysterious. Don’t brag and write your entire life story, unless you want to bore them. And if you’re copy-pasting a random quote from anywhere, plisss just staaaap! (I learnt that the hard way). 

2. Make sure you’re talking to a REAL person.

I know it’s difficult to see past those high cheekbones and that witty bio. But cat-fishers and con-men are a dime a dozen and you have to be cautious of them. Especially on online dating sites. Be wary of the signs — like if the relationship is progressing too quickly, or if they never want to show their face. Just back off. But then we also have dating apps like Tantan, which let us know which accounts are verified and we can go online dating without a worry in the world. 

3. Sharing your phone number is not a social service.

So you’ve finally found someone you can talk to without cringing. Congratulations! It’s been only a day and you’re already telling them how your day’s going? Great. Discussing your likes and dislikes? Greater. Exchanging your phone number? No. No. No. You’re not in the Dakar Rally, so clamp on them breaks, sista! My personal rule is, you can add the person on social media soon, but wait for at least three days before exchanging numbers.

4. Make your move sistaa!

It’s 2020 ladies! Quit wasting time and make the first move. Have you just matched with someone and are dying to talk to them? Well, just talk to them, maybe! And now you can fire up an interesting conversation with your match with quirky quizzes on Tantan. So, instead of worrying about whether you should begin your conversation with “hey” or “heyyy”, you can simply send a question to them with multiple choices. And voila, before you know it, you’re talking about dream holidays!

5.  ‘Play the field’ but be careful

As soon as you swipe right on someone, another even more attractive person’s profile will show up. If you’re into “multi-tasking”, go ahead and chat it up. But take note, things can get real messy if you start dating several people at once. Firstly, you’ll find yourself not remembering who’s who and messing up stories. And perhaps more awkwardly, some of them will be due a super awkward conversation one way or the other. 

6. Know their stars to know them better.

For a lot of people sun signs matter. And hey, who am I to argue with the stars? Zodiac signs can be a real way we approach potential partners on dating apps, or just a fun conversation starter and great way to get to know the other person. With the Zodiac feature on the Tantan app, you can totally geek out and let your inner astrologer free. Check it out here!

Finding love is a tricky business, but that doesn’t mean that we give up on it altogether. So, listen up ladies, this Valentine’s day, gift yourself a chance to find your soulmate and fall in love. Check out this new dating app! 

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