Your friends #Hacking your phone to upload a story from your IG account and tagging themselves is cool and all but has your mother ever taken over your IG handle? 

Well, Najate Leklye a 67-year old boss woman literally stole her 36-year-old daughter’s account to flaunt her super trendy, street-style athleisure looks.

I have to admit, looking at the number of followers, we’re taking tips from this Dutch-Morrocan mother-daughter duo.

Though Meryem Slimani the 30-something-year-old daughter is the official owner and handler of the account, her mother Najate is the real show-stopper: 

While the daughter clicks all of her mother’s pictures and is the mastermind behind all the hilarious and witty captions, Najate’s posing game is damn strong. 

I mean can we please take a minute to look at her collection of colour-cordinated and printed hijabs? Where can I steal them? 

And dayum girl, her sneaker game is damn strong!

Even though her daughter styles this sanskari yet badass fashionista, can we please take a minute to look at how cool her collection of shades are?

Through this venture, Shilami wishes to make her mother’s funky looks with her hijab more visible and acceptable. This platform has empowered her mother who’s a teacher in Morocco to become a pillar within her community.  

I don’t know about you all but this 67-year-old fashionista is giving me some major goals to fiercely live my life and follow my heart. 

This fashion icon has created a ripple online with her quirky style and flaunting her hijab like a boss woman. She’s truly an insipiration.