There isn’t a day when you read about crimes against women happening in some part of India. And it’s especially disturbing when these crimes involve children, most of whom don’t even understand what they’ve been through.

In yet another case of crimes against minors, a 7-year-old girl from the Etmadpur area of Agra district was found raped and murdered. 


The body was found on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday at her school’s premises, about 300 metres from her home. 

And what is more horrific is that the police suspect her father’s involvement in the case!

The girl’s mother had died a year after giving her birth and she had been living with her father, a poor laborer, and with her nine-year-old brother in a tent in Etmadpur. She was sleeping in the tent when the incident happened. 

And as told by the police, she had been choked to death.  


Deputy superintendent of police, Akhilesh Narayan Singh told The Times of India:

 The girl’s body was found without any clothes on it and she was bleeding from the abdomen area. The post-mortem report has confirmed smothering as the cause of death but sexual assault cannot yet be ascertained. The viscera has been preserved for further examination.

He also added:

Prima facie it seems that someone very close to girl killed her. We are collecting some more evidence before we arrest the culprit.

The father made a distress call at 3.30 am about the girl having gone missing. Later, the police along with the father found her dead at the school premises.

A senior police official also said:

It was the father who led the police to the victim’s body. We suspect his involvement and will question him once the girl is cremated. Since the 9-year-old elder brother was also there in the same tent, his statement will be very important in the case.

What has the world come to? 

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