The Valentine week is here. And while your best friend might not have been able to help you get a date, allow science to make a last minute effort. All you need to do, is follow these scientifically proven qualities that women love in men. Mind you, these are not just some agony aunt type solutions that your knowledgeable-yet-single friend might’ve been dishing out to you. Each of these points is backed by an in-depth study.

Check ’em out and hopefully, you won’t have to spend the Valentine’s day alone like me.

1. Women like men who drive fancy cars.

According to a research done by Austrian researchers, women often associate a man’s personality with the kind of car he drives. The fancier the car, the more powerful you appear.

And no, driving an Ola/Uber cab doesn’t count.

2. Beard? Hell yes!

When it comes to beard, the thicker, the better. Studies have proven that women prefer heavy stubble to a clean shaven look. A full beard signifies potential to become a better father.

3. Men with a deep voice.

There’s something about a man’s deep voice that makes women goes weak in the knees. According to a British study, a deep voice subconsciously affirms masculinity.

4. Men with smooth bodies.

While women love beards, they apparently dislike a hairy body. According to studies, males with hairy bodies were preferred in older days because a hairy body was supposedly immune to parasitic attacks.

However, in modern times, men with hairy bodies are a big no-no.

Sorry Anil ji.

5. Men who don’t bombard women with compliments.

You think constantly complimenting her will impress her? Well, think again.

Studies have proven that constantly complimenting a woman makes you look kinda desperate and overly friendly. And women hate that. So go easy on the compliments.

6. Mr. Nice Guy? Thanks, but no thanks.

We’ve all heard of the saying ‘girls love bad boys’ and now, there’s a scientific study to back that claim. According to a research, being too nice might get you a first date, but that’ll be pretty much it. 

Too much niceness comes across as being too eager to please and that won’t help your cause.

7. Have a sense of humour? Great!

This one is perhaps the most widely believed notion out there. And now there’s a scientific study to prove it as well! Women are more receptive to a positive feeling induced by a laughter.

Time to binge watch all those classic comedies for some notes, people.

8. Height is directly proportional to a date.

Although earlier dismissed as nothing but a baseless stereotype, studies have now proven that woman are more attracted to tall men.

Apparently, tall men make women feel protected.

Yeah science!