Every time I consider that maybe, just maybe the world is changing or at least trying to, someone proves otherwise. While we are now opening up to the idea of ‘letting’ women work, we haven’t taken lessons on how they should be treated. It’s sad that we need separate instructions for treating women as people. 

In today’s news of ‘how shallow the world can be?’, we have a bar in New Zealand that put up a sign with ‘must-haves’ for women applying for work. Guess what? They’re not skills or experience in bartending, or any experience, for that matter – because well, who cares about that? So, they wanted women with “double D breast size, a great smile and a good attitude” – you know, things that ACTUALLY matter. 

Last time I checked, women were not pieces of meat, but the owner of this bar clearly missed the memo. They added that men could also apply for the job, which I guess seemed funny to the person who put it up. Now, the problem with this sign is, that it’s anything but funny. And, it’s no news, but women shouldn’t be hired to be treated like objects

Smiling or being pleasant around costumers are not what women are for. If you want a pleasant environment, maybe do not be a terrible person(?) And I cannot even get started on the specific ‘breast size’. Honestly, it’s beyond shallow. It’s scary knowing that workplaces like these exist, where forget feeling safe, you’re not even respected.