At this point, hardly a day goes by when we do not come across people being casually sexist. And this says a lot about us as a society. Ever since Pathaan’s Besharam Rang was released, people have done nothing but make a fuss about Deepika Padukone’s costumes. And a Retired IPS officer clearly crossed the line.

The Twitter user, M. Nageswara Rao, shared zoomed-in screenshots from the music video, pointing out ‘his issues’ with the costume. He also wrote that it was “public molestation”, adding that the actress’ husband shouldn’t have ‘allowed’ her to do the song for a few bucks.

It’s almost shocking how HE posted these images, and then went on to blame the actress for wearing “such clothes”. And we cannot stress enough, that a woman doesn’t need ‘permission’ from her husband to make choices. The audacity and the sheer sexism are both shocking and scary, because apparently, this is who we are now.

And Twitter rightly schooled the man for this post.

Not that it hasn’t been said enough, but women do not need men ‘protecting’ them, specifically by making their decisions.