We’ve seen way too many pregnancy advertisements that celebrate ‘good news’, each one a replica of the other. However, we finally have an ad that talks about the flip side of the coin. 

Prega News’ latest advertisement stars Mona Singh, as a woman who is a beautiful human being, wife, sister-in-law and aunt. But her infertility holds her back from feeling complete. 

The ad shows her helping her family and being loved, even though she believes that she isn’t enough. It reflects her anxieties and insecurities through a simple day with her family and the stigma of infedelity that always haunts her. 

It reflects the harsh reality that there is a huge burden on women to procreate, to raise children. And if you can’t procreate or conceive, that you aren’t good enough. However, the support of your family can go a long way in coping with the loss of a child. 

The ad ends with statistics that show infertility rates in India and how society is harsher on women than men in these cases. 

A part of the brand’s #SheIsCompleteInHerself​ campaign, this advertisement has come as a breath of fresh air. It is working towards breaking stereotypes and we’re here for it. 

Watch it here:

It’s high time brands start being socially conscious, and Prega News’ take on infertility is a start of something beautiful.