It’s almost exhausting when people do not take women seriously – specifically on the professional front. And, a lot of stereotypes stem from this mindset. We automatically treat a woman’s job as a hobby or something that comes secondary to everything else. This definitely doesn’t help when formal paperwork or conventions do not accommodate ideas that treat women equally. 


A Twitter user, Jewel Kling, shared an image of her flight details, while booking her tickets. The warning message on the screen read that the title, ‘Dr’ and her gender didn’t match. Weirdly, British airways ‘thinks’ that women cannot be doctors – umm, wow. Clearly, they need a technical reboot that is accommodative of basic information. 

While it might seem like something that can be ignored, but this is how ignorance builds, on the ground level. A reputed airline not taking into account that female doctors exist, is proof that women are still not treated with respect for their achievements, or qualifications, for that matter. While such patterns do not always exist on purpose, they show how we have a default demeanor that treats women as second-class citizens. 

National Academy Of Medicine

Understandably, Twitter wasn’t happy with this or the ‘male-first’ ideology. 

People also shared about similar treatment that they’ve come across, on other fronts. 

It’s the small things that make a difference, and we need to act on them.